Castledowns Dental Centre | Dr. Tarek Tarchichi


When you visit us at Castledowns Dental Centre; we serve as north side dentist, you’ll find a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. Whether you are visiting us for a check-up or a more serious procedure like a wisdom tooth extraction, our goal is to create a positive experience for you. 100 percent customer satisfaction is something that we strive for every day. Below are some of the testimonials we receive from our dear customers.

  • On 5/20/10
    Dr. Tarchichi was very kind to me as I was really frightened and worried about the appearance of the decay of some of my teeth. He was very helpful, accommodating and was extremely caring! thanks
    On 5/20/10
  • On 4/27/11
    Great dentist and very honest. He is truly one of the best dentists and will go out of his way to help his patients. Thanks doc!
    On 4/27/11
  • On 7/29/10
    Over the past 15 years, I only went to the Dentist when something was wrong. I saw Dr. Tarchichi for an absessed tooth and was so impressed by his knowledge, skills and caring attitude that I returned for a full check up and to have the work done that was needed. Because of my experience with Dr. Tarchichi, I will be making checkups and cleanings part of my regular routine. Thanks for everything!
    On 7/29/10
  • On 1/07/17
    I went to this clinic to have a broken tooth dealt with (got it pulled); this was my first time having a tooth pulled, and was honestly a little nervous. Dr. Tarchichi and his assistant (as well as the receptionist) were very friendly throughout the entire procedure, and I can thankfully say that Dr. Tarchichi did an excellent job in freezing my mouth and pulling the tooth, as I felt ZERO pain throughout the duration of my visit (I was very surprised). Overall, I had a great experience at Castledowns Dental Center, and will definitely be using their services again.
    On 1/07/17
  • On 6/24/11
    Great dentist and he is very helpful and gentle. I was so worried but he made it such an easy procedure. Thank you Doctor Tarek Tarchichi.
    On 6/24/11