Are you afraid of Dentists?

If you're afraid of dentists, you're not alone. With the help of conscious sedation dentistry, we've helped many people get past their fear of dentists.

CastleDowns Dental Centre offers conscious sedation dentistry for Castledowns and Edmonton residents who find dental treatment a challenge. As we've helped many of our guests become very comfortable about dental treatment. We've also helped people to maintain a healthy beautiful smile, so they've needed very little treatment beyond preventive measures.

What is Sedation?

"At Castledowns Dental Centre we administer our patients with Nitrous oxide sedation and Oral sedation"

Sedation Dentistry is the use of medication to help you feel comfortable before, during and after dental treatment. It's the perfect fit for people with challenges such as high dental anxiety, extensive treatment needs, time constraints, a severe gag reflex or difficulty getting numb. Oral medication can be easily administered in the form of liquid or pills. Oral Sedatives can be taken the night before to help you sleep, and taken one hour before your appointment to significantly reduce anxiety during any treatment. You'll be in a relaxed, drowsy state.

Nitrous Oxide is an inhalational gas that can also provide the level of comfort that you may be looking for. Nitrous is actually a mild General Anesthetic. People tend to experience a state of euphoria under the influence of Nitrous Oxide, which is why many people call it "laughing gas". The gas levels can easily be adjusted to create the desired effect.

Deeper (unconscious) sedation can also be used. To achieve that level of sedation requires either intavenous injection or general anesthetic. As conscious sedation dentists, we can offer you milder levels of sedation. For deeper levels of sedation we can put you in touch with a specialist. That's the bottom line: easy comfortable dental vists, and less need for dentistry.