Crown and Bridges

An anterior tooth with multiple tooth-colored fillings look very unnatural and as years go by ‘stain’ will appear because at the margin of the fillings. A very large filling on a posterior tooth can easily fracture and in many cases, the tooth can also fracture. In both instances, it is advisable to crown the teeth. A crown is a porcelain “cap” shaped like a tooth which is fixed to the tooth in order to restore the tooth and have a natural and more aesthetic look.

A bridge is two or more crowns fused together and is a fixed prosthesis, unlike a denture. A missing tooth can be replaced with a bridge. The advantages of bridge as compared to denture are that the patient will feel more comfortable because the artificial teeth will only be put at the residual alveolar ridge and soldered to two crowns that act as retainers on either side. There will be no involvement of palate or tongue space as in dentures that can alter the patients’ speech or masticators functions.